Tsubakigama 椿窯

‘Nyu Sansai’, the glaze used to enhance the red clay of Nyu-gun (in Fukui Prefecture) produces a unique tri-colored effect. Tetsu Goto places great importance on matching the glaze with the shape of the pottery so that ‘it is not the artist who stands out but the clay’. He says that ‘using local clay creates a new tradition to be passed down the generations’.

Tetsu Goto
1963    Chose the path of a potter, studying under Master Kato from Seto
1970    As a student of the Fukui Prefectural Ceramic Industry Training Center, studied under South Korea’s Master Hwang Chong-rae
1972    Built Tsubakigama Pottery Works in Ehizen-cho (formerly Ota-cho)
1977    His works kept in permanent collections in Ehwa University and Kookmin University in South Korea
1989    Accredited as a Certified Japanese Traditional Craftsperson
1997    Received an award for Excellence in Succession of Fukui Prefectural Traditional Arts and Crafts
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