Hikarigama 光窯

Most of Mitsuo Kasatsuji’s recent works are red glazed pieces made with iron oxide and feldspar. By firing his pieces slowly, he says he achieves a beautiful red color. At the same time as being both ‘artist’ and ‘craftsman’, he strives towards the Echizen-yaki of the future.

Mitsuo Kasatsuji
1977    First accepted for the 9th Nitten (the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition), and since then has been accepted 17 times
1992    His work ‘Tatakimon Receptacle’, exhibited at the 30th Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition, was selected for the ‘Tradition and Avant-Garde: Present Day Japanese Crafts’ exhibition organized by the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Frankfurt, Germany
1995    Received a Special Commendation for his work ‘Augury’ which was exhibited at the 27th Nitten Art Exhibition
2000    Received a 2nd round Special Commendation in the 32nd Nitten Art Exhibition for ‘Mountains in fall’
2000    Invited to exhibit a work at the 34th Nitten Art Exhibition
2005    Judge at the 37th Nitten Art Exhibition
2006    Became a Member of Nitten
2010    Judge at the 42nd Nitten Art Exhibition
2010    Received the Fukui Prefectural Culture Award
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