Furaigama 風来窯

Continuing the tradition of old Echizen calm, Uichiro Oya aims to make poetic creations and calming serving dishes that blend into daily life.

Uichiro Oya
1971    Born at Furaigama Echizen Pottery Works
1994 Graduated from the School of Architecture, Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering
1996 Completed the Craftspersons’ Training Course at the Ceramics Training Center (within the Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture)
Began making pottery at Echizen-cho (formerly Miyazaki-mura) Collective Pottery Workshop
1998 Studied abroad short-term at Domus Academy in Italy (Product Design Course)
2000 His work ‘A giraffe with wings’ won him a special award in the inaugural ‘Unique Serving Dish Exhibition’
2005 Production performances at Atlantic Beach City in Florida State, USA (giraffes, elephants etc)
2009 Became the successor of Furaigama Pottery Works
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