Sangetsugama 山月窯

Noriyuki Murata creates most of his pieces on a kickwheel, changing their shape or flattening the forms he makes as necessary. He believes that the process of the clay being stretched upwards and the dish taking shape is like a plant growing up from the ground. Just like the potters of old, he doesn’t waste time bringing the clay to life.

Noriyuki Murata
1960    Born in Higashikurume City, Tokyo
1986    Studied under Photographer, Taiji Arita
1992    Studied under Potter, Takashi Nakazato
1995    Established a kiln in Echizen-cho, Fukui Prefecture (formerly Miyazaki-mura)
1996    First individual exhibition at Echizen Pottery Village Clay Work / Echizen Pottery Shop
Since then, individual exhibitions at various locations
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