Akanegama あかね窯

The deep indigo that only Akane Yamaji can produce is a special color; a color created to match the color of the Echizen-yaki clay. Her pieces stand out with their friendly modern designs and distinct feminine sensibility. It is tableware made in user-friendly designs from the perspective of someone who uses them.

Akane Yamaji
1972    Studied under Shichizaemon Kitano
1979 Became owner of a kiln in Kashizu Echizen-cho (formerly Miyazaki-mura)
1983 Accepted for the Women’s Association of Ceramic Art Exhibition
1984 Accepted for the Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition
1991 Exhibited at the Six Old Kilns of Japan Exhibition
1996 Awarded the Miyazaki-mura Cultural Incentive Award
2002 Received an award for Excellence in Succession of Fukui Prefectural Traditional Arts and Crafts
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