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Echizen pottery began approximately 850 years ago at the end of the Heian Period.
Echizen pottery is fired at high temperatures resulting in a brownish red color. It is characteristically strong and watertight even without the use of glazes, and thus production of Echizen pottery has centered on water pots (for water and grain) and everyday pottery such as earthenware mortars.
Then in the latter half of the Muromachi Period, Echizen pottery developed into the biggest pottery industry in the Hokuriku region, with pottery being transported by the Kitamae (Northern-bound) ships to Southern Hokkaido and Shimane Prefecture.
However from the Meiji Period onwards, with the modernization of Japan in full swing, demand for the likes of water pots waned, and Echizen pottery was in danger of total decline.
In the 1940s, researchers carried out archeological excavations of Echizen pottery kiln ruins. The cultural aspect of the research showed that Echizen pottery was historically important and thus Echizen pottery experienced a revival. It then became known around Japan for being one of the Six Old Kilns of Japan' In the 1970s Echizen Pottery Village was built, and in 1986 it was designated by the Japanese Government as a traditional craft product, thus developing into the Echizen pottery of today.

Taking pride in this history, the Association has produced products showcasing unique Echizenyaki features. We are expanding our Echizen pottery products in both the individual consumer market and the wholesale market. In particular, as a result of the 'local production for local consumption' movement among restaurants/bars in the Prefecture, there are an increasing number of restaurants which serve cuisine made from ingredients produced in the Prefecture on Echizen pottery dishes.
In 2006, in a joint research with the Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture, we managed to create a high strength potter's clay that increases the strength of serving dishes.
Our Association plans to devote all our efforts towards the development of Echizen pottery, by carrying on the tradition built by our predecessors while having the flexibility to not be held back by the past, but respond to the 'here and now'.

Toyokazu Yoshida,
Representative Director of
the Echizen Ware Industrial
Cooperative Association



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25 June 1971
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Echizen Pottery is a traditional craft product as designated
by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
(Designated in 1986)
Echizen Pottery Registration No. 5027833
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Registered with the Patent Office on 23 February 2007
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Trademark owner: Echizen Ware Industrial Cooperative Association
Registered with the Patent Office on 16 April 2010

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